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1971 International Travelall 4x4. Picked this one up and sold it to a buddy of mine who wants to sell it. This is a rough, tough, take no nonsense 4x4. It drove into where it's at, and the 4x4 even worked. The body is about what you'd expect from a desert-bred 4x4 of this era. The passenger side door has a pretty good crunch and there's one in the driver's side rear fender. The driver's side door doesn't open either from inside or outside.

It's powered by a 304V8 with an automatic transmission. 33" tires fit under it nicely, and it has a step. In the back, there's what was supposed to be a fairly fresh 345 with a stick shift attached. Putting it in the back resulted in the tailgate glass being broken. Interior is in desperate need of seat covers or re-upholstering, depending on your desires. The gun rack in the back is in good shape.

It starts now off of carb cleaner, but the fuel pump is apparently deceased.


$1200 and this beast is yours. No trades on this one, as it's for a buddy and he needs cash. Contact me and take it on your next hunting trip