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So one of the issues I have is finding my wife a car. Now, my wife is wonderful, and early on when we were dating, we'd be out driving in the country somwhere and she'd call out "What's that?" and make me turn around and go back, and I'd see a headlight peeking out of a bush. Further examination would reveal the whole car hiding back there. "It's a 54 Ford Customline.. Good eye!" And I knew I had a keeper. But she seems not only to have the same problem I do with wanting something different all the time, but she's a bit more picky about what she wants.

We got rid of our last emissions controlled vehicle, a 1990 Thunderbird SuperCoupe that she loved, but with the stick shift, it hurt her knee to drive it. And she told me she'd like to have a Jaguar. Jags are pretty cars, but I have lots of projects to work on, and I'm never going to get anywhere spending every weekend keeping a Jaguar motor alive, so I told her it would have to be Chevy powered. Sacrilege, I know. You can think of it as the style and class of a Jaguar combined with the reliability of a Chevy. Or the reliability of Lucas electrics combined with the blandness of a Chevy.

So looked around and found one that a gentleman had been restoring and passed away. The deal was good, and that's the sort of thing I like. I may not finish it the way the gentleman in question had wanted to, but at the same time, it is his legacy living on.

The interior was already done, and the drivetrain mainly in need of clean up and tune up from sitting for several years, but after a while it coaxed back to life.

Then we began the body work. The paint was completely shot, so had to be sanded down to bare metal. It's not wonderful, but it is WAY better than it looked when we got it.

A buddy of mine redid the dash while he had it apart to try and figure out the AC. It, too, is way better than before, but still a bit weak. Cold air, but not a lot of it coming out, despite two huge fans.

My wife loves tooling around in it, but still tends to prefer to drive her 91 dodge pickup. And her knee still hurts in the car.

Next I'm going to have to build her a diesel Jeep Wagoneer (If anyone has one they'd trade for something, contact me)