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Many many years ago, a young man eyed a VW baja bug that was 20 years old at the time. Cash in his pocket, he went for a test drive with an elder that his Mom trusted to keep him from getting ripped off. The elder was unimpressed and he didn't get that car. He eyed a 49 Studebaker pickup with a 440 mopar under the hood, but couldn't wheel and deal his way into it. He didn't get that car either. Finally found a '65 Chevy pickup with a 400/400 combo, and a different trusted elder and it was his!

Two weeks later, the heads were off in the driveway, and a life-long love affair with tinkering with cars had begun.

Six months after that, he was eyeing another car, and the truck had to go. And a life-long love affair with collecting, trading, buying, and selling old hunks of junk had begun.

30 or so years and 80 or so cars later, this site is dedicated to that young man's love affair.

There's a tradition here of picking up a neglected project that someone lost interest in years ago, and bringing it back to a state where someone will love it again and want to drive it and make it again the something special it once was. Typically, the cars are brought back to life and driven for six months to a year before we get bored with them and put them on the market to trade or sell.

The Chopping Block is the cars that have been rescued, often made to run again, more often than not driven and enjoyed for a period of time, and are now ready to go to a new home.

Short Term Projects are the cars that are being brought back to life. The ones where I want to say "I've had one of those." Keep an eye on these. Once we're bored of them, learned everything we want to learn, done all we want to do, driven it enough, these will wind up on the Chopping Block and someone else can enjoy them for as long as they want.

Long Term Projects are the cars that we think we intend to keep. These are the ones for which we do the other projects, to learn and experiment. These are the stuff of boyhood dreams. Thus far, none have ever been finished, so there's no idea if we'll get bored after driving it for a year. There are bets being taken somewhere, I'm sure.

Past Loves are the cars we've had before over the years. The ones that stand out in our memory. Sometimes, the ones we fondly wish we still had, but had to let go for one reason or another. Sometimes just ones that we especially liked, but not necessarily would want to have again.

If you're looking for a project, I can help. I'm always searching and can help you find what you want at your price, even if it's not one of mine. If you're looking to sell something, I can help. People know I'm into car stuff and tell me to keep an eye out for this, that, or the other thing. If you don't want to deal with tire kickers and low-ballers, I can handle all that for you, and send you buyers who are likely to actually go home with your car. Contact me.

By the way. I'm still looking for a 440 powered 49 Stude pickup, if someone would rather have something I've got on the chopping block.