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This one is a 1942 Ford. Don't let the 48 grille fool you. Fake nose and all, it's still a 42.

It has all the creature comforts one would expect in a car: Power steering, power brakes, tilt column, MP3 capable CD stereo, cushy seats. AC.. umm. Ok Most of the creature comforts. AC and heat are missing. But the car is cool enough all by itself.

This is not a show car. This is a driver. Most days you can find it sitting out in front of my work place. The exception being if it rains. Windshield wipers are another missing creature comfort. Fortunately, I live in a desert.

I painted it flat white as an anti "rat rod" statement, and then on a whim decided to see if I could do flames. They probably should be removed, but I'm kinda proud of them. Not bad for my first time. It looks a lot better in pictures and going 20 miles an hour from 20 feet away than it does up close.

1959 chevy 283, 350THM, 69 nova front with disk brakes, 69 nova rear.

At $7500 OBO, it's the only car of its era that I can find on Craigslist within 300 miles that you can buy and take home today and drive to work tomorrow.

Interested? Maybe you have an interesting trade (must be pre-smog in the state of California, or it is by definition uninteresting to me).

Contact me.