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1949 Hudson Commodore 6. Probably the sleekest body style ever. So low and wide it looks like a chopped custom straight from the factory. I picked this one up a very long time ago with intent to turn it into the family hot rod. 4 doors, but in a super sleek, gorgeous body. I figured a 440 under the hood would definitely make it go. Years passed as they often do, and funding never showed up for this one. Never even got the 440. I did get some very nice Cadillac seats from a 78 Eldorado. In the Cadillac, they were split bench. In this, they're buckets. The Hudson is quite a bit wider than a Cadillac. Now all the kids are grown and gone and gone and I only need to haul the wife and I. A big family hot rod isn't really necessary so it moves down the project list and onto the chopping block.

This Hudson does have an engine, but no transmission. I have the seat frame for the original rear seat, but not the front seats. The dash has been replaced with a custom dash from a 65 Mercury, which looks great in there. The body is straight as an arrow, and while it appears to have a rust sheen, as you can see in the detail photo, there is no cancer on the car. It had all the chrome on it when I got it, and that was stripped and moved to the trunk as I had intentions of painting it.

I've seen much worse examples online for more money.

$2000 and maybe she'll be your family hot rod. Trades considere, and as always, they must be smog exempt in the state of Kalifornia. If it's something super special and really cool that you can guarantee there will not be another like it in the entire mall parking lot, you can give me a try even if it has to be smogged, but it's unlikely. If it's diesel, the chances do go up.

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