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1963 Olds Cutlass. A sad forlorn little car crying out to be loved. The 63 Cutlass has gorgeous lines and a really light body. These came originally with a powerglide and the little aluminium V8.

I rescued this one from a crusher with thoughts a friend might like it, but that didn't happen. Now it sits on the north end of the property haunting me. She has a superb straight body, and is an original AC car with the AC parts in the trunk. all the glass is good. The bumper and grille are the only pieces that would be hard to come by. I keep thinking a modern, fuel injected Rover v8, or maybe a 3.8L turbo Buick motor would be wonderful in there. It's been suggested to just throw in a small block chevy, but really, everyone does that. This isn't a Nova.. The body is so much cooler than the Nova.

This one comes with no engine or trans, no interior. Some extra parts in the trunk and it looks like the AC stuff is there.

$1500 and she can sit in your back yard and haunt you instead. Trades considered. As usual, they must be pre-smog in the state of California, unless they're something really really cool (nothing cool enough comes to mind at the moment.)

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