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1969 Mercedes 280SEL. The Mercedes was owned by a college professor, whose wife had the legendary 280sl sports car. The motor on it went bad, and being the wonderful husband he was, he had the motor pulled from his car and put into hers. this left him temporarily without a motor, a problem he solved by having a Ford 351W and FMX installed professionally. He said it was the fastest Mercedes around. As such things go, the 351 developed some valve trouble and was removed to have the heads redone, and that just never happened. Years passed and the opportunity arose to get it, and my wife liked it, and being the wonderful husband that I am, I did.

Unfortunately, time passed on my end too, and other projects came before this one (including rebuilding a 73 Jaguar XJ6 Series 1 for my wife, for those who are thinking I was being less than a wonderful husband by not building this for her) and I never quite wound up with a running small block Ford to put in her. Meantime, the wife decided she was less enamored with it after all and asked if I would put it up for sale.

So here it is in all its glory. The empty engine bay awaits a small block Ford motor. Radiator and other parts reside in the trunk. The body is quite straight and mostly rust free with just a small spot behind the driver's rear wheel. All the glass is good. Years of sitting in the desert have made the interior somewhat "crunchy" but it's all there.

$1200 OBO takes it home. This is the wife's and she doesn't do trades, and barely does negotiation. Still, you can contact me about it, and I'll present your offer.