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Here we have one you don't see every day: a 1975 AMC Matador Coupe. That in itself is unusual, but this one is also an Oleg Cassini model. AMC did some unusual things to sell cars. One was to team up with a fashion designer to make a signature series of cars. What fashion design and cars have to do with each other, I'm not sure, but I do know these are very comfortable bucket seats. Split bench is probably a better appelation.

This one came equipped with a 360 4bbl v8 and automatic transmission. As one might expect, it has power steering, power disc brakes, and air conditioning. It has a good stance with vintage Cragar wheels that are not stock. No doubt Mr. Cassini would have found them gauche, but a 360 4bbl says "muscle" and so do the wheels.

She does run and sounds good. I put a kit in the 4bbl to take care of some leaks. The transmission goes into forward and reverse, but the brakes go to the floor, so I haven't done donuts in the yard, as is my wont. The door panels and under dash tray are present, just not installed. It has a refinished fuel tank installed

She does have some rust, and frankly, the driver's side door and fender should just be replaced, less due to rust and more due to damage. The dents were beyond my skill to fix. I bought the car with the intention of fixing it up with an AMC-loving buddy of mine, who was in need of a project. Unfortunately he passed on, and now I just don't have the desire to work on it.

$1950 OBO/trade. As always, trades have to be pre-smog in the People's Republic of California.

Contact me and bring it home.